Common Sense, Horse Sense, and Nonsense

I feel imbuegued to truly point out that, contrary to modern insistence, there are differences between the senses. When it comes to intelligent comprehension that is. As far as other senses go - your guess is as good as mine; but I'd rather not guess. Common sense is logic as relevant to the natural world... Continue Reading →

The Wise ~ the Weathered ~ and the Feathered

The unit  identifier was stuck in the ground 'bout a yard from the unit; great black letters on a white background - oddly tasked to indicate the unit assignment clearly.  Go figure. The office, located about thirty feet from the residence cluster served roughly fifty illustrious units, and was closed for lunch each weekday between... Continue Reading →

Got Life ©

Life. Everyone, everything alive has one. Some would say those who've passed on still have life - in a more eternal sense of the word perhaps, yet though so. That there being a case or subject for highly intimate, personal review in a highly aggravated and individuated sense ... makes it a subject I'd pass... Continue Reading →

Fence Post

Yallow, How do? I thought I'd give spot to a second "post" -- is that what they call 'em now. Back when, it just usually only had something to do with building fences. I'd speak of the weather, I guess no matter where you go, there it is. Weather here in New Mexico finally tripped... Continue Reading →

Pony Expression

This is a blog site hopes to offer funny movie reviews, cowboy campsite recipes, free early American Indian photo restorations, style collages from free source photos, tidbits of practical old timey knowledge based on foot to earth common sense, and occasional comments on the absurdities of modern life in general vs common horse sense as... Continue Reading →

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